Go behind the scenes of Cumulus Media’s NASH Next and follow the 2016 winner, Todd O’Neill as he embarks on his journey to be the next Country super star.

Episode 10:
It's Your Turn

On the tenth and final episode of Season 1, Team Nash Next, Cumulus Radio Programmers, finalists Alexis Gomez, Ashley Jordan, Trey Teem, Murphy's Ford, SPINN, The Young Fables and 2016 winner Todd O'Neill give advice on entering Nash Next 2017 and following your dreams.

Episode 9:
Live From The Lobby - Charlottesville & New Orleans

We check in two more NASH Next tour stops, in Charlottesville, VA and New Orleans, LA to talk with SPINN, Alexis Gomez and get cajun food lessons from Todd O’Neill.

Episode 8:
Windshield Time

In this episode, Todd talks about touring, driving between Hammond and Nashville and what it's like to be called up to perform with bands on Broadway.

Episode 7:
Life From the Lobby - Nashville

Recorded from Country Inns & Suites in Nashville, we talk to NASH Next 2016 finalists The Young Fables and Murphy's Ford and feature some songs from the show!

Episode 6:
Measured By Degrees

Todd O'Neill talks about his move to Nashville, his first visit to NY and meeting John Rich.

You can buy Love Again in the iTunes Music Store or on Amazon Music.

Episode 5:
Live from The Lobby: Atlanta

Members of the #NASHNext Class of 2016; Ashley Jordan, Trey Teem and Murphy's Ford join us for the Atlanta kick off of the Live From The Lobby with Country Inns and Suites Tour.

Episode 4:
Love Again

In episode 4, It’s a Love Again Love Fest, as Todd O’Neill talks about how he recorded his debut single, “Love Again.” We’ll also check in with some radio program directors for their reaction.

You can buy Love Again in the iTunes Music Store or on Amazon Music.

Episode 3:
Getting to NASH Next

In this episode, Todd O'Neill walks us down his path to NASH Next. He tells us why he entered, how nervous he was and what the finale performance felt like.

Episode 2:
Back to Hammond

In our second episode, Todd O’Neill takes us back to where he grew up. He describes his family and high school life and tells a great story of how he got his first guitar.

Episode 1: The Start

In our first episode, we frame out just what Nash Next is, what we were looking for and how it all went down.

Special guests include: Nash Next 2016 Winner Todd O’Neill, Kelly Ford from Ty, Kelly and Chuck Mornings and Nash Next Production team members: Christina Albee, Mike McVay, Charlie Cook, Leslie Slender and Katie Sorrels.